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VIP Interior Completion Management

VIP aircraft interior completion is one of the most complex and challenging endeavors in aviation. From vision to reality, an array of designers, engineers and suppliers come together to create the final product. 

CAMO4jets understands how important it is to create your unique space for the ultimate travel experience, and our knowledge of the industry allows us to oversee the project and articulate your vision.

A new VIP interior for your aircraft is a significant investment, which is why we ensure the highest quality and workmanship available while also taking economic factors into account. This, combined with our expertise in both the EASA and FAA certification processes and our attention to both technical and aesthetic elements, ensures outstanding results. 

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18. February 2019

Czech Airlines contracted CAMO4jets to prepare and manage lease return of three Airbus A319 aircraft.


13. February 2019

CAMO4jets has been contracted by Thomas Cook Aviation Germany to perform ARC review of four Airbus A321 aircraft.