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VIP/Executive Aircraft Operators

As a VIP or Executive Aircraft operator, you have a lot on your plate - not to mention the added stress of busy clients who can’t afford delays. The demanding requirements of a VIP client have a direct impact on the technical side of your operation, meaning only the best is good enough for your business aircraft. With decades of business aviation experience and an unparalleled understanding of the specifics of VIP/Executive Air Transport, our team always has the best solution for you. 

CAMO4jets is dedicated to helping your operations run smoothly, both during daily technical operations and peak demand times. Our VIP/Executive services include subcontracted airworthiness management and maintenance planning, preparation of maintenance programs and other manuals, airworthiness reviews and aircraft fleet phase-ins and phase-outs. 

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23. April 2018

  • CAMO4jets delivered an EASA import Airworthiness Review for a Airbus A320 entering service with Air Malta.


12. April 2018

      • Our Tech Services team finalized lease acceptance of a Airbus A321 aircraft on behalf of Thomas Cook Airlines UK.