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Private Aircraft Owners

Nothing compares to the freedom that owning and flying your own aircraft brings. But like anything, with this freedom comes new responsibilities – and in aircraft ownership these responsibilities are often technical.  

Regardless of aircraft you own, CAMO4jets has the know-how to keep it in impeccable condition, allowing you to fly when and where you want. With a CAMO4jets engineer, you can rest assured that your operations will be economical, reliable and safe and that your aircraft will retain its value over its lifetime.  

With CAMO4jets technical management solutions, we remove the burdens of aircraft ownership, letting you take to the skies hassle free. 

CAMO4jets, we do the technical work so you can do the flying


15. April 2021

CAMO4jets delivers an Bombardier Dash 8 Q400’s on behalf oof Chorus Aviation Capital.


29. March 2021

CAMO4jets performed an EASA import ARC review of an Airbus A330.