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Aircraft Buyers / Sellers

Aircraft acquisitions can be challenging. To appreciate the real value of the asset, you have to dig under the shiny paint. CAMO4jets has the knowledge and experience to assess the true value of both airplanes and helicopters, making sure the actual condition corresponds with the price tag. More so, after purchasing your dream aircraft, our experts can assist you with its operation via our comprehensive technical management solutions.

However; selling an aircraft presents different issues. You want to ensure it is sold for right price and that your return on investment is met. CAMO4jets will prepare your aircraft for sale in a way that mitigates the risk of a buyer questioning its value. We remain at your side throughout the sale process, representing your interests and making sure you get the right value for your aircraft or helicopter. 

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23. April 2018

  • CAMO4jets delivered an EASA import Airworthiness Review for a Airbus A320 entering service with Air Malta.


12. April 2018

      • Our Tech Services team finalized lease acceptance of a Airbus A321 aircraft on behalf of Thomas Cook Airlines UK.