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Guernsey Aircraft Registry (2-REG)

In 2014 we have received the CAMO certification issued by Guernsey Aircraft Registry (2-REG). CAMO4jets has been the first organization approved for Continuing Airworthiness Management after the 2-REG registry opened in December 2013. Within the scope of this approval we are authorized to manage airworthiness of 2-REG registered aircraft, utilizing the same type privileges as those granted by our EASA approval.

Contact our team to learn what airworthiness solutions CAMO4jets can provide for your 2-REG aircraft.


1. July 2019

CAMO4jets to assist Air Belgium by supplying engineering and logistics representation during heavy maintenance of Airbus A340 fleet.


26. Jun 2019

We have been contacted to perform PPI and acceptance of an Embraer 145.