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Since 2010 CAMO4jets holds an EASA Part M, Subpart G & I Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization Approval. The ability to achieve certification by European Aviation Safety Agency demonstrates competence and commitment of our organization, delivering services up to the highest quality standards of civil aviation industry.  In order to maintain this certification we constantly remain under regulatory oversight of Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation and EASA.

The scope of our EASA CAMO approval is among the largest within the industry.  It gives us privileges to manage airworthiness and perform airworthiness reviews on majority of in-service narrow/wide body airliners, regional jets; turboprop and business aircraft models registered in all EASA member countries. In 2014 we have secured EASA CAMO approval for our first helicopter type.

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18. February 2019

Czech Airlines contracted CAMO4jets to prepare and manage lease return of three Airbus A319 aircraft.


13. February 2019

CAMO4jets has been contracted by Thomas Cook Aviation Germany to perform ARC review of four Airbus A321 aircraft.